Precision agriculture is one of the most sought out alternatives to traditional farming tools and UAVs are a leading tool being used globally. Together with multispectral cameras, drones can capture vegetation changes and parameters which are otherwise only possible by satellite imagery. UAVs in precision agriculture offer all the benefits of mapping and survey together with multispectral imagery (near infrared, red-edge and visible light) to calculate myriad of vegetation indices. Multispectral imagery can detect crop health and damages to plants before they occur. This leverages farmers with tools to incorporate predictive maintenance of crops and obtain better crop yields.

Few applications where agriculture benefits from UAVs are:

  • distribution of herbicides to achieve the optimal effect.
  • calculation to prescribe the rates and the distribution of fertilizers to increase the crop yield and quality of agricultural plants.
  • execution of control over the performance of technological operations which are: the soil refinement and preparation, herbicide care and treatment, etc.
  • quality assessment of crop sprout upon melting of snow, determination of the sowing zones.
  • assessment of crop maturation and planning of harvest works with formulation of sequence.
  • execution of the crop yield forecasting to give the estimate before the harvesting commences.