Woot SkyWatch

Woot-Tech develops artificial intelligence software, drones can process what they see and report back in real-time. SkyWatch is a drone software platform that takes raw data captured by drones and turns it into actionable insights for response teams. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision to train drones on aerial imagery to identify, label and map everything from homes in a neighborhood to individual objects like cars, equipment, assets and life stock. Woot Tech’s software turns these aerial images into 3D maps and models to get a holistic view of the area of interest. Objects and persons of interest can be detected, identified and tracked even after occlusion due to tree cover/tunnel etc.

Woot PreciseXYZ

Using the ultra-precise characteristics of Woot PreciseXYZ affording, our drones can provide centimetre level precision to construct incredibly detailed and precise 3D imagery mapped over very large areas. Previously, one had to invest time and money to place a large number of control points on the ground to get accurate, survey-grade maps. This can be done with zero or very few control points thanks to the real time (RTK) / post-processed (PPK) solution of PreciseXYZ hardware and software. Ground control points are used only to calibrate and verify results. Clients can have far greater confidence of in the accuracy of data to create highly precise, geo-referenced 2D maps and 3D models, digital surface, terrain models, orthomosaics, textured models and more.. It has significantly improved the speed at which a drone survey can be executed as the reduced requirement for number of ground control targets saves time and money.

Woot TabbyGCS

Ground control station on customized Android-powered tablet, which can be ruggedized on demand, the TabbyGCS provides a light weight, long battery time ground control station for operating your Woot drone, which can be integrated in your inventory. Touch screen and stylus provide easy input methods to set up mission or generally interact with the drone. Multiple drones can be flown using the same TabbyGCS. On the other hand, multiple TabbyGCS’s can be used to monitor the same drone.