Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) and Redesign Service

Numerous drone owners require maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of their existing fleet of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drones. Due to a number of reasons, some of these drones do not exhibit their claimed performance. Therefore, their design needs to be updated with more optimized propulsion systems, battery packs, and aerodynamic design. Damaged aircrafts need to be repaired. Moreover, for longevity of their projects, they need strong local manufacturer support. Woot Tech prides itself in delivering timely and affordable solutions for a variety of its subscribers.

Case Studies

A-Tail Quadplane

A client procured a popular QuadPlane VTOL with A-tail, which was subsequently damaged in a flight attempt by an inexperienced crew at the client’s side. 

a.Not only did Woot Tech design a repair scheme for the broken wings, fuselage, and booms, but also successfully demonstrated safe flights for the repaired aircraft.

b.The same aircraft was also updated with an optimized power and propulsion combination (doubling the voltage), changing motors and ESCs. 

c.Woot Tech also integrated a 30x zoom camera and TIR night vision camera and demonstrated its performance in flight.

Flying Wing VTOL

A client procured a Flying Wing VTOL system for mapping needs. The aircraft proved to be inefficient and severely underpowered, especially in windy weather. The aircraft crashed twice in maiden attempts by the inexperienced crew at the client’s side.

a.Woot Tech strengthened the extremely flimsy foamy fuselage by using composite materials with minimal weight penalty. This eliminated the structural flexibility resulting in flight failures.

b.We further repaired and recalibrated mission parameters, resulting in successful flights by our expert crew.

c.The client has further commissioned us to power-up the system with a new propulsion system to sustain flights advertised by the OEM but not currently possible with this configuration.