Geodetic survey and mapping is one of the crucial stages in the construction and infrastructure development. The existing methods require the application of advanced and costly systems responsible for collecting data about the ground like elevation, position, depth etc. Furthermore, manual survey tools require more man-hours, man-power, and often cause delays especially when the land is rough and hard to reach.

Drones have demonstrated as  effective and efficient tools in the survey and mapping industry. They provide accurate data to generate topographic maps, elevation models, and 3D models of all land types. Drone applications in this industry have shown 4 to 5 times better performance in terms of time and more data. UAVs collect aerial photos of land, and then post-flight analytics produce highly accurate maps.

All aircraft in Woot Tech’s inventory can be fitted with surveying sensors to provide up to 1000 acres/flight. They are equipped with high-res camera payload, on-board RTK/PPK systems for global and relative accuracy without the need for ground control points. Some of our unique features are:

  • Low cost operation
  • Great efficiency, with up to 1000 acres per flight
  • Dense, geo-referenced data without the need for GCPs
  • Survey remote and hard to reach terrains