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Woot SkyBee is a hexacopter (6 motors) drone which can carry heavy payload. Being a highly stable platform, it is able to deliver parcels as well be used for survey missions in very urbanized environments where fixed wing flying is problematic. It is also used for agricultural spraying. It can also used for inspection of stacks/chimneys and industrial infrastructure.


Endurance – up to 30 min
Speed – 30 km/h
Radio link range – 10 km
Video transmission range – up to 10 km
Max flight range – 10 km
Max payload weight – 5 kg
Altitude – 500 ft

Takeoff / landing

Takeoff – auto wheeled or hand launch
Landing – auto wheeled or parachute

Operational conditions

Wind speed – up to 15 m/s
Operational temperature – from -10°С to +40°С

Payload options

 12/24/42 MP photogrammetry camera
Thermal camera for powerline inspection
FPV for chimney/stack inspection
Agricultural spray
Parcel delivery bay

Survey Performance

 50 acres at 1.5 cm GSD
RTK Precision GNSS optionally available

You Skybee Purchase is very much dependent on configuration and capacity. Please contact for a highly customized quote